Year #2 and a bit

We then spent four days driving through Jackson Hole, Teton National Park and Yellowstone. It was a wonderful time where Sean got to take tons of photos and we, among hundreds of other tourists, were able to see amazing views of nature and creation. We ended our road trip in Twin Falls, Idaho to visit with the Kennedys (from Alabama) while they were visiting the rest of the Kennedys (from Twin Falls). It was a great chance to connect in a random place even though we live across the country from each other.

The end of the summer brought a change in the form of a new job for Sean at Tacoma Weekly newspaper. He was hired to do graphic design and page layout, but as they quickly found out he was able to do web design and photography they started utilizing all his skills. Having this new full-time job made it possible for Sean to end his job at Enterprise as well as cut back his hours at Fircrest Church as youth director. Jen celebrated her five-year anniversary working in the Missions department at Chapel Hill Church and is still loving what she does. Every day is different and full of surprises and occasionally stresses, but it is well worth it to be able to help people serve the poor and hurting in God’s world. Sean decided to fully resign at the church by the end of the year and had his last day there on December 31. It was difficult to leave, especially to say goodbye to the youth group kids, but it was a needed and good change. So, for the first time in our marriage, Sean has only one job and we have only one church to attend. A nice feeling!

We’ve just finished the last of our holidays with our annual New Year’s Eve party. Another great reminder of the wonderful friends we have here, both new and old. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas were spent in Lincoln City, OR this year with Jen’s family. The nieces are getting older and two year old Lily had a great time with the new baby doll that Boppy and Nonna (Jen’s parents) got her for Christmas and six year old Maya continues to beat us all at Match card games.

Even with all this, we’re not quite settled yet. Sean continues to apply to doctroate programs (Duke and Harvard this year) and we await their responses in March. Many plans for our future depend on these decisions so we are trying to patiently enjoy life as it is right now and make plans once we know more. So, again, we’re still a little up in the air, but we’re having fun and look forward to all that will happen in 2007. There could be lots of changes, or not many at all, but we’re ready for anything. God continues to bless our lives with good times with friends and family and with each other and with good jobs that we enjoy. We trust that there are more good things in store. Perhaps not safe, but good.


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