The process continues

It’s been a long time since anything has been written about the adoption, so in this post I’ll try to update you with everything that has happened since I last wrote about it.

The PRIDE weekend was good.  I went in feeling a little nervous about what kind of people would be in the group.  Fortunately my worries were unwarrented. The people in our class were some of the nicest people – all of whom cared greatly for children and really wanted to be parents.  We covered a lot of stuff over the course of the weekend. I could barely start to tell you everything that was covered, all I can tell you is that there was a lot of scarey stuff that, oddly enough, made me want to adopt a child out of the foster system even more.  I can’t believe some of the stuff these kids come out of — and worse yet that the parents actually think it’s acceptable or worse yet the parents have no idea what’s happening because they’re too drunk or high or delusional to even realize.  The part of me that feels compelled to rescue people is so strongly activated that I actually ache for the kinds in the foster system. Anyway… the weekend was good and left Jen and me much more dedicated to adopting.

After the PRIDE weekend we had several weeks of classes – generally it was two classes a week, but on a couple of weeks we only had one.  These classes covered many of the same things we had covered on the retreat, but they were much more in-depth.  The nice thing about the classes was that we got to know our fellow classmates better – though, Jen obviously got to know them better than I did – we also were given the chance to think more in-depth about particular topics regarding adoption.  Jen had thought about a lot of these issues prior to starting the classes because she had read several books about adoption and I had not.  Nonetheless, we had some great conversations on the way home discussing the issues – the only good thing about the 90 minute drive home.

After we finished the class we went home to do homework, which we had actually received during the PRIDE weekend.  Some people had their homework finished the night we finished our classes – that was quite impressive.  Jen and I being the more…hmm…layed back type took a little longer.  We didn’t get our homework in until mid-March (we finished classes at the end of August). Now I’m waiting to hear back from Antioch Adoptions to verify that they have received all of our homework.

Make Mine a Double
Make Mine a Double

Our class has gotten together a couple times since the end of classes.  We got together for a barbeque in early September.  One couple made up a bunch of shirts for us.  On the front they say Antioch Adoptions with the logo and on the back they say ‘Make Mine a Double’ – referencing a joke that we had in the class that almost everybody that adopts one child ends up adopting a second.  We got together again at Christmas time.  Both times it seemed that everyone had a fun time.  Hopefully we’ll get together again sometime this summer.

So that’s where we are.  Right now we’re waiting to hear from Antioch about a) if they have all our stuff (yes, I’ve called to check they just haven’t called me back) and b) when our homestudy will begin.  We’re estimating it’ll be 6 months to a year before the homestudy begins.


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