Netflix queue shuffler

I spent a good deal of this morning trying to figure out a way to randomize or shuffle our Netflix queue.  I found a bookmarklet that worked OK, but Netflix was always flagging an error that duplicate numbers were being entered.  Seeing as I don’t like errors, I took it upon myself to make a better bookmarklet that doesn’t repeat numbers.  So without further ado I present to you the Better Netflix Queue Shuffler. Simply drag that link to your bookmarks bar. The next time you’re looking at your Netflix queue, click the bookmarklet and watch your queue get shuffled.


  • – You have to put the cursor in one item and then hit the ‘Update DVD Queue’ button for the shuffle to be finalized.
  • – After shuffling, make sure that any TV shows or movies that are in a series are in the order you’d like them to be.

UPDATE [4/18/10 12:57 pm PST]: Updated the shuffler so it automatically updates your queue after the shuffle.


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