Common goodness

This morning I’m watching The West Wing while I get my to do list done. I’ve liked this show since I first watched it despite the fact that I disagree with the politics of the show, which is sort of a big deal for a show all about politics. The thing that makes me like the show so much is that there are certain things that happen on the show that show common human goodness.  It’s those times in the show that make me wish politics could be like the show.  Unfortunately in the real world we live with politicians who are all looking for the next potshot to take at their opponent. Just once I’d like to see a political campaign run by two candidates where they campaigned on their own merits rather than on what crappy thing the other candidate did. The common goodness that could cause me to enjoy a show about liberal politicians acting liberal is exactly what we need to see in politics today. I’m not expecting to see it actually happen, but gosh wouldn’t that be cool.


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