iTunes Neglected songs playlist

One of the problems with having a large iTunes music library is that there are certain songs that you never play. It’s not that you necessarily don’t like those songs, they just get overlooked. iTunes doesn’t help much in this regard – if you play on shuffle much you’ve no doubt noticed that iTunes does a horrible job of being random.  A while back I saw a tip – I think it was in Macworld – for the creation of a neglected songs playlist to find the songs that I haven’t played in a long time. It works really great at helping me to find songs that haven’t been played in a while. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open iTunes and go File > New Smart Playlist
  2. Set the rules like what I have above.
    • You can copy the settings exactly if you like, but I found that it’s best to customize it to what fits your style best. For instance I have several audio streams that I listen to that never list a last played date, as such they’d always be in this playlist, so I’ve removed them with a rule. If you don’t listen to audio streams that rule is probably not necessary.
  3. Click OK
  4. Your playlist name should now be selected. Give it a new name that is meaningful – I call mine Neglected
  5. Hit Enter/Return and your playlist should be selected and ready to be used.

I hope this helps you out, it’s helped me to rationalize the significant chunk of my hard drive my iTunes library takes up – it also gives me an odd sense of accomplishment to empty out this playlist.

Bonus Tip:

When I was working from home I listened to iTunes all day. As I mentioned before, iTunes is horrible at being random, so I created a playlist that would only play songs I hadn’t listened to for the past week – 8 days to be exact. The process is the same as above, with different rules. I’ve posted the rules I use below. I hope this is helpful.


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