Faith makes reality different

I’ve been thinking for a little bit about how as a person of faith I experience life differently.  As a person of faith there is a preconceived notion that there is a guiding force to existence and that at the end of all things there is something. As a result, suffering is different and joy is different. I’m not sure if this makes anything better or worse, but it does make it different from the guiding western worldview that sees coincidence and nothingness in reality. I’m not sure the implications of this, but I think it’s worth thinking through. It’s like on Star Trek where occasionally the crew would encounter a version of themselves from another dimension where some aspect of reality was changed and in turn it changed everything about the crew.  The difference in reality between a person of faith and a person of no faith is like we live in different dimensions. We exist in the same world, but it’s entirely different. I’m sure in this idea is the foundation of the rub between the middle-east and the west and that potentially it’s the rub between conservatives and liberals – though there are plenty of liberals who are also people of faith and the inverse is true of conservatives as well, but at a high level it’s true. Nonetheless, I think this is worth thinking through and perhaps organizing into a good post. Until then, enjoy your reality but realize that it’s different between you and somebody else.


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