The warmth of books

My wife and I have a lot of books. If I were to put it in poundage it’d easily top 1000lbs, which is for the most part a non-factor until we move and then I’m stuck moving boxes of books that weigh in at about 100lbs each. Fortunately we’re not moving anytime soon, so I can relax about actually moving them. I started thinking about all our books because this morning I saw this quote:

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
— Marcus Tullius Cicero

Books are a place of comfort for me.  I love to read them and discover new ideas or go new places. I unfortunately don’t spend as much time reading as I should or probably would like to. Jen loves the library and I for one can tell you that’s a good thing at the rate she reads. Our book poundage would easily quadruple if she were to buy every book she reads. I instead opt for the easy entertainment of the television or computer.  In spite of this, I continue to buy books.  I think that part of why I continue to buy books is that their presence gives me comfort. Books are essentially a heavy security blanket that allows me to be at rest.

As I look around our house, there are only a couple rooms without books in them. I’m certain that we didn’t purposely set up the house this way on purpose – I think it was mostly a practicality issue in that you can only put so many bookshelves in a given room. Still, I think that Cicero has a point and our home is a warmer place because of our books.

Lenten Reading

On the subject of books… Every year when Lent comes around I choose a book to read. For several years now it’s been Stanley Hauerwas’ “Cross Shattered Christ“, which I would recommend anybody read. This year I have chosen Bonhoeffer’s “Meditations on the Cross” to read through during lent. A couple of my friends will be reading through it with me and you’re welcome to join if you like. I will be blogging through the book as I think through Bonhoeffer’s thoughts. I hope you join us during this time of meditation on the purpose of the sacrifice of Christ.


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