The unRapture

So the rapture didn’t happen, we all now have a reason to feel superior to Mr. Camping. He said a stupid thing and he now has approximately 100 million people mocking him. I for one will not mock him. He said something that is clearly contrary to the biblical text and yes that was wrong. But as Christians we should feel a great deal of shame for our behavior towards him.

Mr. Camping – and you could argue God – gave us a great opportunity to share our hope in the second coming of Christ. We could have done it with love and compassion and a bit of humility. This was a great worldwide opportunity to share the hope that is the central tenant of Christianity, but instead we chose to move towards cynicism and mockery. After all there’s no reason yesterday couldn’t have been the end – even fools get lucky once.

Not to be too melodramatic, but I suspect Mr. Camping is having a crisis of faith now. The last thing he needs is millions of Christians mocking him and acting incredibly unChristian towards him. Let us pray for him and his followers as well as for us that we might take the opportunity to share the hope of Christ the next time an opportunity this big is placed in our laps.


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  1. You know from my own post that I am trying to take a humble and reasonable stand toward Mr. Camping. I am praying for he and for his followers.

    But I think it *IS* important for Christians to speak out LOUDLY against him, and to have been quite clear in their condemnation early. Why? Because the absence of opposition is taken by non-Christians as agreement. And thus his failure would have tarred all of Christendom with the same brush. By coming out early and unambiguously as rejecting Camping, Christian leaders let even a hostile media know that he DID NOT speak for Christians. (Even as things are, a number of prominent “evangelistic” atheists are trying to use this to pull sheep away from the flock.)

    And, I am not sure what your experience was, but my experience was that God *DID* use this false prophet for his own glory. I took part in multiple discussions with non-Christians about the gospel, because of this. And Franklin Graham was able to share the FULL GOSPEL on multiple programs because of it. Seems like God used it exactly the way you’d have hoped.

    So, I think I’m seeing something very different from what you are. Perhaps it is an East Coast vs West Coast thing?

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