The problem with Christian music

Recently Michael Gungor went on a rant on what’s wrong with the Christian Music industry. I honestly didn’t read the post because it was really long. The summaries that I’ve seen posted indicate that he’s having the crisis of conscience that every Christian musician has when they get sucked into the professional Christian musician world – labels kill creativity, we’re selling out God, etc…

While I respect his opinion, I think he’s wrong. The primary problem with the Christian music industry is that we’re calling it an industry as if Christian music actually exists. Music is a a-spiritual – it has no spiritual qualities. It is only the listener who imbues music with any spirituality. This is why atheists can listen to (and sometime sing) Gregorian chants and not have any sort of spiritual experience, while a believer can do the same chant and get a tremendous experience. When we start marketing music as distinctly Christian we move the music into a ghetto it doesn’t belong in. If music is has any level of quality it will be bought regardless of its supposed spirituality. People will have the response to it that they want/need.

If the musicians in this category want freedom from the constraints of the industry, then they should focus on writing quality music and not music that will sell to Christians.

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